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At Lift, our top priority is to provide a safe and secure environment for all of our guests, employees, and community members so that we can continue to participate in the vibrant Lower Lonsdale restaurant landscape.

We fully comply with all industry guidelines that are set forth by Worksafe BC in conjunction with our local Health Authority.

Extra sanitation practices, social distancing and the use of face coverings and masks continue to be part of our daily operation.


As the dining restrictions continue to be eased, we will monitor the guidelines and recommendations to ensure we keep our community safe!

As of Friday, March 11th 2022, the Provincial Health Authority have removed mask mandates within restaurants. You will not be asked to wear one while coming and going in Lift. We have instructed our staff that is now a personal choice if you or the staff would like to wear a mask. 

As of Friday, April 8th the mandated vaccine passport will be no longer enforced and we at Lift will not be asking for them. 

We are all looking forward to getting back to business as normal. Whatever that my look like. 

Team Lift 

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