Recipe's With Jane: Ketchup

Simple recipe's are always the ones that make a huge difference but are often overlooked. At Lift breakfast Bakery, Chef Jane has many authentic recipe's, and although not all of them are easy, making your own ketchup sure is - and trust me, it makes a huge difference than the large packages of ketchup that are usually shipped to restaurants.

Here is Chef Jane's ketchup recipe for the large batches @ Lift Breakfast Bakery:

4 cans whole tinned tomatoes

584g white sugar

220 g red wine vinegar

440g distilled white vinegar

1kg white onion, sliced

120g fresh chopped garlic

20g Hungarian paprika

4 cloves

16bay leaf

8g black mustard seeds

2.4g star anise

8.8g allspice

54.4g koscher salt